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As an ICT Company in Nigeria, we offer bespoke ICT services designed to provide simple and modern IT solutions in Finance and Insurance, Telecoms and Transport industries, Hotels, Restaurant and retails, Construction and Agricultural sectors to mention a few.
We also provide IT training in Software Development, Information Security and Penetration Testing, Data Management and Project Management to individuals and corporate bodies.

IT Consultancy

Get the best IT consultants to work on your ICT needs . From Web Development to Information Security Tranings and Services, our personnel are capable of delivering the best.

Application Development

Let's help bring your application ideas to life. We provide user-centric designs focused on solving your user's pain points and ensuring maximum efficiency.

Information Security

Provide your business with end -to -end security services and training that matches the current climate. We cover Firewalls, IDS/IPS, Vulnerability Assessment and more.

Data Management

We handle data professionally. Your data is safe with us as we use reliable methods and data strategies to access, integrate, cleanse, store and prepare data for analytics.

A Brief Intro

We are a leading ICT Company in Nigeria, and we pride ourself to be one of the best ICT company in lagos and in Nigeria as a whole. We focus on Software Development, Information Security, Data Management, Digital Marketing and Project Management. With over 8 years of experience and knowledge as an IT Company in Nigeria, we pride ourself in providing leading-edge IT solutions that stems from our in depth knowledge and experience within this niche industry, meaning we are confident we can develop the right solution each and every time.
As one of the best IT Solution Providers in Nigeria, ICT Networld prides itself as a leading Digital Marketing Consultant that combines very high service levels with outstanding marketing approaches and initiatives that generate long-term commercial value for you.

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Recently Completed Projects

We have been able to work with some amazing brands. However, here are some of our most recent projects.

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Media Monitoring Services

We redesigned the Media Monitoring Services website and its Web-App experiences. This has helped users better understand the aim of the brand while simplifying user experience accross both apps.

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African Agribusiness Alliance

We redesigned the African Agribusiness Alliance website and its Web-App experiences. This has helped users better understand the website and the interaction on the platform.